Software based on CPTs (Cone Penetration Tests).

Total Bearing Capacity, Calculation of settlement,
Negative friction, Determination of the tensile force,
Cone force, Unit point resistance for soles, ...

Registration procedure

  • All ABEF & BGGG members can find here a free download of the CPTEX Lite program to install.
  • Download the program (zip-file) via the download page.
  • Unpack the zip file.
  • Double click on setup.exe, and follow the instructions.
  • After installation the customer has to register, via the joint program ‘CPTEX Registration’. So run ‘CPTEX Registration’ and fill everything in.Registration includes: the name of the firm, users name, address, e-mail en hardware ID (by clicking on "Get HardwareID") As BGGG Member also fill in you MemberID.
  • Choose one of the 2 methods for registration:
    • This can either by mail, (simplest method)
    • or by print and fax.
    • or by making a screenshot and mail.
  • After registration, you will receive your personal licence file by mail, within a couple of days.
  • The licence file has to be put in the same directory as the program, in the installation directory (normally C:\Program Files\CCAT\CPTEX8\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\CCAT\CPTEX8\). Remark: Delete first all former licence files + make sure your regional settings on your computer is set NL-Belgium or FR-Belgium !!!!

What's new

Version 2018

  • Program runs on Windows 10 - version 1803
  • Bugfix importing negative GEF-files

Version 2016

  • Program runs on Windows 10.0
  • Support for new GEF 3.20-format

Version 2014

  • Possible use of reductionfactor on cone-values.
  • Program runs on Windows 8.1
  • Layout changes: More decimals in qc.
  • Convert negative values to 0

Version 2013

  • Field validation in the complete program.
  • Program runs on Windows 8
  • The possibility, when using Copy and Paste of values, to change the decimal point.
  • Import of different CPT file formats (like GEF, GMF, ...). If you encounter a file format that's not implemented yet or you encounter a problem with an existing one, please send them to support@ccat.be, so we can implement or correct  in the next version.
  • Export of the results. The results can be exported to Excel or CSV (Comma Separared Value)
  • Multilanguage: Choice of English, French and Dutch as User Interface Language
  • Solved: Possibility to change SMTP server in registration - Problem with licensefile in combination with Wireless LAN


For problems with installation and/or registration of the software, please contact 050/660115 during office hours.